Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today is an extremely sad day for me and all the student's of Tom LoMonaco. Tom lead a long and very full life. What he gave to us and to the opera world was enormous. I am so honored that I was able to study with him for about a decade, taking two lessons a week, and sitting in on countless other lessons, masterclasses as well as becoming a good friend of Tom's later on. He was truly a genius in every way. A brilliant technician and an amazing singer in his prime. He also could draw and paint at an extremely high level although he never had any training. I hope to someday be able to share some of his recordings from when he was singing in his prime, before he got sick with Parkinson's.

I was truly honored when he asked me on several occasions to make sure I, "continued the work". I was also honored when he told students that to come me for continued work on their voices when the time would come.

Rest in peace Tom. You have blessed my life and the lives of countless others with your relentless quest for the truth and your love of singing and opera! May we all bring you honor with our continued work!

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