Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Student's Clips

Some clips of students in training. I am very proud of my Verdi baritone student Giancarlo Brunet who recently sang for Montserrat Caballé and she was thrilled about his voice. The other clips are samples of students from the studio. More to come. Enjoy.

Giancarlo started studying with me in the 2010. This is what Giancarlo Brunet had to say to the other members of my studio about his singing at the time of this performance:

""Just want to share with you all , that once you put all the knowledge from the lessons into practice, literarily, magic happens, and the most amazing thing is that you feel it.
God, it’s amazing, especially when you are singing with an orchestra of 90 people all volume, you can regulate the volume and even if you are singing half voice, your voice will always cut through the orchestra with no problem, you can do pianissimos , sing full voice, whatever you want to do and your voice will never lose core or squillo, and after singing and repeating over and over at the end you will feel that then it’s when you are ready to sing a full opera. This is the perfect technique and the CORRECT way of singing. THANK YOU JEREMY!!!
I understand a lot of things from the lessons now, how we take it to the extreme there, that way doing things like this will be like bread and butter for you.
On my first Zarzuela romanza I have 2 high G’s. Then I’m singing another one that ends up with a Aflat and singing a duet that ends with a high A, plus a duet with a soprano where I sing low tessiture and as encore I sing the brindis from Traviata , Libbiamo with the high G’s as well, and honestly after I finish and repeating 2, 3, times I feel as I haven’t done anything,
like La Nilsson Said, : “ After I’m done singing Turandot , then it’s when I’m ready to sing Wagner”, I just need comfortable shoes, “ SOOO TRUE…… So people keep on with the lessons and never give up, this technique REALLY works and Jeremy is an EXCELLENT TEACHER, PERSON AND FRIEND."

-Giancarlo Brunet

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