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Sunday, July 28, 2019


I recently had someone try to argue that cricothyroid action doesn't dominate in falsetto and thyroarytenoid action doesn't dominate in chest.

This kind of ignorance about the voice is scary. If when singing falsetto where only the edges of the cords vibrate (no thyroaryntenoid participation) then pray tell what stretches the cords to thin them and tighten them more in order to change the pitch if not cricothyroid action? Ridiculous ignorance.

The same for chest. Since TA is not active in falsetto and is less active in headvoice how is it not more dominant in chest? Again, the ignorance explains a lot about why the vocal world is such a mess.


  1. Hello Mr Silver
    I'm a little confused and need your help.
    I've seen in different videos of Montserrat Caballe's Master classes, that she taught students sing in the mask and push the diaphragm up.
    But in various videos you have explained all these techniques are wrong.
    So how was Montserrat Caballe singing beautifully and correctly, with these wrong techniques and why was she teaching these wrong techniques?

  2. First I would say that Caballe was confused or at least confusing. And what great singers did she produce? None. That should tell you everything. It doesn't matter what she seems to say because we know how the breathing works by physiological facts. We cannot take things a singer we like says and then try to find a way to make them make sense by cherry picking science. Many do that. I have watched those things too. You cannot push your diaphragm up. And she did so have people lie on their backs with a weight on their stomach and lift it up by expanding. I don't think she was telling them to collapse that expansion. I think what she was getting at it that the air must go up before the sound. And Ponselle said to never pull in the stomach or abdomen. When we cough the diaphragm is pushed up by the abs and the throat closes. Not good for singing. So I think she Kent to keep the expansion and the air goes up. She is confusing. And I don't recall get teaching mask. It simply doesn't exist.